Carnarvon Petroleum Ltd to Conduct Flow Tests from Their Roc-2 Well

Carnarvon Petroleum Ltd (ASX:CVN) has released a statement with updates from Quadrant Energy, their partner, regarding drilling at the Roc-2 well.

The aforementioned well’s main purpose is to assess and test the discovery made earlier in the year of gas condensate at the Roc-1 well. It’s located in the North West Shelf, within the WA-437-P exploration license region. The North West Shelf has the richest levels of oil and gas in Australia.

The well will help define Roc field’s resource levels, understand the deliverability of the reservoir, calibrate the parameters of the reservoir and determine the properties of the fluid.

Carnarvon has a stake of 20%, with the remainder under Quadrant’s ownership.

In terms of progress, since the previous report, wireline operations were finalized with the 178 mm (7”) casing liner being installed across the Caley formation, as was planned. This lays the preparation work for the well’s flow test.

At the moment, the rig is getting the well bore cleaned out after the liner was cemented in place. Once cleaning of the well bore has been completed, which should take a few days, it’s expected that a Drill Stem Test will be conducted within the hold, allowing the flow test of the Roc-2 well to be conducted across the Caley formation. According to wireline interpretation, the Caley formation is charged with gas condensate.

Installing the Drill Stem Test could take more than a week because of how complex the downhole tools are. Subsequently, the well will be punctured and opened for controlled flow testing for about a week. This testing will determine the pressure, flow capacity and permeability of the Cayley formation.

The company is expecting to be able to use a report on the testing of the well in approximately a fortnight.

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